GarageDoc is a technology platform with a unique concept of consulting between the car owners and the garages. In fact, Garage Doc aimed to be a balance bridge guiding the car owners with the right knowledge and providing garages with the right value for their service. In a line, they are new era car care consultants.



Successful Brand Communication

Successful identity design and implementation across the digital presence.

Introducing the concept of
Car Care Consultants

The challenge with GarageDoc was making its target audience understand the new concept of car care consultants. Hence, needed a strong visual and brand communication strategy. From the logo design and the color culture, we are able to mark their strategy across channels.

The Identity design has a balance representing the consulting and the actual garage tasks. With contra in colors, we tried to say GarageDoc is a bridge serving the customers and fixing the cars. We exclusively worked on the UI and UX and icon library. Ensuring to achieve the objective of the brand communication we are successful in design strong visual communication.

Content crafting is another challenge to make people understand the concept of consultation in care through a technology platform. The overall business model benefiting the car owners and the garages for B2B and B2C communication together. The communication consistency has been maintained across the social media platforms and retargeting the audience.

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