In the era of hyperlocal platforms, Meatonn is an individual meat delivery start-up based and limited to the city of happening Vizag. Its digital transformation has enabled a successful market penetration competing with the global brands already in the market. The brand Meatonn could create its own fan base for the fresh quality and variety of meat delivered at the doorstep.



Revenue Growth

It’s a real good number for a start-up. It is like we successfully filled the demand and supply gap for a city of fresh meat lovers.

A Comprehensive Approach

MeatOnn as a start-up and the most needed service for the meat lovers in an ever-growing city like Vizag needed a comprehensive approach to penetrate the market, create brand awareness, persuasion through brand recalling, and conversion optimization

ET Creatives developed a mobile-first approach dynamic application. Our primary goal was to have the most possible exposure, we wanted people to try us. Our goal ladder moved the target to application downloads approaching different sets of target audiences and focusing on conversion optimization.

Persuasion with the right communication strategy across all possible platforms has turned crucial for brand recalling and retaining customers. We could achieve effective feedback channels through designing interactive and two-way communication.

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Conversion Increase

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Effective Feedback

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Mobile App Downloads

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