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Quora is a community where people share knowledge and grow by contributing. People are only able to access a great deal of information that would be valuable to them in the future- e.g., the information they hold in their minds or information they may have access to only through select groups. By connecting people with the knowledge they need to those who need it, Quora helps people share their knowledge, allowing people with different perspectives to better understand each other and empower people to share their knowledge with the world.


As a result, Quora is an outstanding example of how the wisdom of crowds can be tapped for valuable information that cannot be found on existing social media platforms. It’s quite easy to interact with interesting and generous intellectuals using Quora, as Quora is way ahead of its time.


Further, having such a rich collection of information at our fingertips is wonderful. It is difficult to imagine a project more valuable than expanding and sharing knowledge like Quora, a community devoted to curiosity and asking how and why.  


Partner programs on Quora recognize and reward Quora users who make valuable contributions to Quora’s product and community, help finding more creative ways to commend individual contributions is an ongoing effort. Partners have contributed some of the best questions for the writers to write to since the beginning of the program. As part of the program, the program is designed not only to ensure that the best questions appear on Quora but also to provide the writers with the ability to answer them. One big limitation of the current program is that partners only get compensated for new questions. With this change, Quora will begin compensating partners for answer requests on existing questions. 

If there is a good question already on Quora, we can find a writer interested in writing an answer, request them to do so, and get compensated if they complete the project. Whenever you ask a new question, payment works in exactly the same way. It’s just going to be dependent on the answers you give, hence looking at questions that will be most helpful for users in the long term. 


This changes the new questions asking compensation in a couple of ways. A user receiving a new question will be compensated the same way they would get compensated for their previous question, along with the requests they sent with that new question. 


So to maximize earnings on the questions one asks, one should send out some requests on those questions. The user will earn less if they do not submit answers today   


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A platform for sharing content – Quora

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